Granit Fonder

Our funds

Granit Fonder aim to offer a broad range of some of the industry’s most interesting and leading fund products. Today we can offer our clients to invest in the following funds:

Granit Kina (Merged in to Granit Småbolag on November 3th, 2017)
Granit Småbolag
Granit Sverige 130/30 (Merged in to Granit Småbolag on March 15th, 2016)
Granit Basfonden
Granit Trend 100
Granit Trend 50
GRanit Global 85 

All the funds are UCITS funds and are available for Swedish investors directly via Granit Fonder, but also via external local distributors and fund platforms such as leading brokers, banks, insurance companies. You can also invest into the funds via the Swedish Pension Agency (PPM). Contact Granit Fonder for more information.